Saturday, June 12, 2010

Extraordinary Measures: Extraordinarily Quotable

I can’t believe that I forgot to mention in my post about the flight that I also watched Extraordinary Measures, the CBS Film (the TV network’s film division) that was released earlier this year. It had a memorable marketing campaign, where Harrison Ford yells, “I already work around the clock!” a phrase that gained momentum on the Internet.

I must confess though, I really didn’t watch the film: I fast-forwarded through the entire movie, stopping only when there were scenes with Harrison Ford. Some great quotes from Extraordinary Measures, all by Mr. Ford:
  • “This is outstanding cobbler.”
  • “If I get a check for a half-million dollars, you can call me Peggy Sue.”
  • “This isn’t a deal, this is the terms of our surrender! Why don’t you give them my junk in a jelly jar while you’re at it?”
  • (regarding a rough draft that he wrote) “Is that rough enough for you?! I’m goin’ fishing.”
  • “Keep your damn food and drink out of my refrigerator!”

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